CLIENT: Lord Milano
PROJECT TYPE: Brochure Design
Lord Milano was founded last 2013 by a group of perfume makers in London. Lord perfumes have immediately become the Royal Families’ choice and the most appreciated perfumes in the Arabian Gulf markets, the most sophisticated markets, constantly keen for uniqueness and elegance when perfumes matter. In a few years, the brand’s popularity spread all over the Gulf Countries and Lord opened 12 stores in the most high-end malls and department stores. They chose the most distinctive colors and fragrances that shows its beauty, elegance, and luxury. From their unique luxury collection, they are able to launch new products such as cosmetics, bags, candles, and accessories, in order to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. The client requires to design their company profile that showcases their products and the people behind the success that is according to their brand guidelines.
Brochure design for Lord Milano page
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